LogoLounge 14 Book Award.

Visual Identity




It has been an honour to have my work selected for LogoLounge Book 14! There were tens of thousands of logos that were juried in the selection process, and my designs made it along side other talented designers!

Thanks LogoLounge!

Winning Logos

Selected Winning Marks And Logos



Unused client work submission. The ear forms a seamless book to represent a publishing company.

Istanbul Organic

I developed a logo mark for a supermarket company called Istanbul Organic. The logo combines agricultural elements and a Turkish temple to complete the identity.


I development a conceptual approach within the geometrical confines of a rhombus, diamond grid which I affectionately call diamond hands. This combines elements of a monkey face and a key.

Khan's Mechanical Services Ltd

I developed a logo for a mechanical company called Khan's Mechanical Services. The mark is a letter K incorporating a car gear cog to form the mark.

Whale Wave

I created a communication logo mark where the whale spouts water to form a signal.